Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Birthing Centres in Second Life

There is a huge ammount of work going on in second life within the education community. Many UK universities are purchasing Islands and creating virtual learning spaces. For example Plymouth University have an excellent resourse around sexual health. At Coventry University we have an Island with problem based learning and Interprofessional learning(IPL) In the CIPeL (Centre for Interprofessional e-learning) we have worked with our student interns to build a CIPel Building or centre which has a number of mutli functional rooms and health care training area, birthing room and ER (we have a lovely helicopter pad on the roof for your convenience!)
I wonder how many other birthing rooms there are in second life? I know that there are some hospitals but that is not the same thing!


Sarah Stewart said...

I haven't had much luck finding decent resources that would be helpful for midwifery education so will be pleased to hear of anything you find. cheers Sarah

Elinor Clarke said...

Hi Sarah - when you say decent resources for midwifery education - what is your wish list? simulations? knowledge transfer? research? The birthing centre in the CIPel building is being furnished currently. The outside corrider will house an art exhibition which will reflect different health care professions/health issues and will change regularly. Thanks for your posting. Elinor