Thursday, 13 March 2008

Midwifery Educators in Second Life

Midwifery Educators are a busy bunch! In real life we are all busy with curriculum development, maintaining professional standards, research, publishing, delivery of courses and programmes etc etc Recently we have also been busy in second life! Two meetings (2nd March, 9th March 2008) have taken place in NewZealand on the Kiwi educators island (Koru). Current Interest of midwife educators looks like UK 3, Nz3, USA 2. I am hoping to hear loud cries of that's not right! Just how many midwife educators are busy in second life? What are we busy doing?


Sarah Stewart said...

I'm not busy doing anything other than trying to find my way around. Its going to take a little while before I'm confident to 'do something'. cheers Sarah

Carolyn said...

I'm having a wee break from second life at the moment as I am busy doing locum midwifery for the next few weekends. I hope we manage to get together in SL for another good chant sometime Elinor. I have found a really good presentation about web 2.0 and second life in higher education. I think you and your readers will like this.
Have a look and tell me what you think.

Elinor Clarke said...

Thank you Carolyn. A really good presentation by the author Sara Robbins(RL) AKA Inteligirl(SL)of "Second Life for Dummies".
Some good ideas for teaching and learning in second life for us to consider. Sara reinforces the notion of "If you build it they will come!" I am looking forward to seeing more midwives in Second Life.

Sarah Stewart said...

Hi Elinor, how are you? What are you up to these days? Sarah