Thursday, 21 February 2008

Art and Midwifery Education

How many midwife educators use art in their teaching? What sort of art?
Davies L (ed)(2007) in The Art and Soul of Midwifery makes a very strong case for using Art and suggests that "The arts can also contribute in acquiring ...interpersonal skills, emotional literacy, team skills, problem solving, lateral thinking, flexibility and adaptability" all essential skills and attributes for midwifery practice! I am interested to hear how Midwife educators are using art in their teaching. I am going to be hosting an art exhibition in Second Life outside the Birthing room in the CIPeL (Centre for Interporfessional e-learning) building. If you have or know of art relevant to midwifery or childbirth which is suitable to hang in the corrider please let me know and I will endeavour to get it displayed.
Elinor (I have no artistic tallent at all!)


Sarah Stewart said...

I have looked and looked for the SL place you talk bout but cant find it - can you send me an invite or soemthing that will get me there? cheers Sarah

Elinor Clarke said...

OK - I will do. The Art exhibition is not displayed yet! Elinor